The Problems I had with OTG custom concrete: They put me off first then the openings for the garage door where made the wrong size. The poured the floor at the wrong grade with reguards to the footings.

The floor was finished poorly. They didn't pour a zix inch apron and put reenfourceing wire in the apron as per the aprove drawing spec's causeing the apron to crack in several places. They haven't fixed any of these issues.

I have called them and called them to try and resolve these issues but the keep ingoreing me. I do not recomend doing buisness with OTG custom concrete they will screww you....

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #1280149

Out of the millions of sqaure feet of concrete poured and the thousands of jobs completed by otg since 1992, there are only three complaints. Sounds like to me the odds are very good with this company to have a well completed job.

Keep in mind all 3 of these people have decided to stay anonymous.

This company works pay upon completion, if you were that upset over a job.. why would you pay for it?

Moseley, Virginia, United States #772328

Otg did not install this mans footing nor did we do the brick and block which creates the door openings. Slab elevation is determined by outside grade and framing.

Slab and apron thickness was conctracted to be at four inches not six. Otg had not contracted to do any outside grading or backfilling. This was the homeowners responsibility. When the apron settled and cracked the homeowner contacted our company and stated he had posted this complaint and he would remove it if we would replace his apron.

Knowing that this was not our responsibility to do such we still did to appease this customer.

Which in turn he did not follow up on his end.

All that happened on this job is that this man took on a project at his home that he did not have the skills or the knowledge to pull off. Funny thing about these websites is you only hear half of the story.

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